Affiliate Board

Buket Hekiman Bayraktar

Buket Hekiman Bayraktar is a graduate from Notre Dame de Sion French High School and Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University. She has partly studied in Conestoga High School at Pennsylvania, US and in Lille 2 University in France for her bachelor’s degree. Holding a MSc. degree on Phytotherapy from Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy, she has received her Executive MBA degree from Boğaziçi University. She is currently working at PharmaVision as General Coordinator. She has been the Chair of ISPE Student Chapter in Istanbul University Faculty of Pharmacy for 2008-2009. Acting as the Secretary General of ISPE Turkey Affiliate between 2011 and 2018, she has also been Co-Chair of ISPE European Affiliate Council for the term 2012-2013 and Chair of ISPE European Affiliate Council for 2013-2014. She has been elected as Chair of ISPE Turkey Affiliate in 2018.

Figen Yılmaz

Figen Yılmaz, a Boğaziçi University Chemistry graduate, has over 25 years of experience at Roche, Bıçakçılar, Bayer, Actavis, Biofarma and BTS in project management and as Quality Control Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Group Manager, Qualified Person and Business Development Manager. Since January 2020, Figen Yılmaz works as consultant-trainer for GMP, GLP, validation, contract manufacturing management, product transfer management, risk management, root cause analysis, stability activities, cost-reduction projects and provides supplier audit services via her consultancy company named Figen Yılmaz Training and Consultancy Ltd. Şti. She is a Board Member of ISPE Turkey Affiliate since May 2016 and currently acts as Secretary General.

Fatma Taman

Following her study at Westfalische Wilhelms University in Germany, she has completed her Pharmacy study at Istanbul University. She has more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing and management. In addition to her experience on various technologies on API and drug product manufacturing, she has also managed research and development departments in several pharmaceutical companies in Turkey. Supporting Pharmacy Faculties as guest speaker, she has been delivering lectures in Pharmaceutical Engineering sessions for 9 years, mainly at Istanbul University. Acting as Vice-Chair of ISPE Turkey Affiliate since 2011, she served as Chair of the Affiliate in between 2015 and 2018. She represented the Turkish Affiliate in ISPE PAT-COP Steering Committee for many years and served as Vice-Chair of ISPE's European Affiliates Council for the term of 2015-2016. She has been elected to ISPE's highest body, International Board of Directors, for 2016-2018. She is as well a member of Controlled Release Society’s Turkey Local Chapter.

Buket Aksu

Assoc. Prof. Buket Aksu graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy in Istanbul University. She did her master’s degree on Analytic Chemistry in Faculty of Pharmacy in Istanbul University and completed her doctorate education on quality by design (Quality by Design/QbD) in Pharmaceutical Technology Department of Faculty of Pharmacy in Ege University and Bradford University (England). She also has master’s degree on Management and Organization Department of Social Sciences. She started working in pharmaceutical industry in 1982 and worked in Drug Registration, Export and Marketing departments; currently she provides consulting and training services to the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2015, she continues her academic career as Associated Professor in Pharmaceutical Technology Department and also as Vice Dean at Faculty of Pharmacy in Istanbul Altınbaş University. Moreover; Assoc. Prof. Aksu is also a Turkish Pharmacists Association educator and continues to serve as a lecturer in Blanchard International Group Turkey Office and Istanbul Altınbaş University Continuing Education Center as a senior expert. She gives trainings for trainers, leadership, presentation techniques, team performance, communication and coaching trainings. In addition, she authored many chapters in international books and has articles on her expert field, Quality by Design. She has been representing Turkey in EUFEPS (European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences) for 6 years. She is still a member of board of directors in TÜFTAD (Turkish Pharmaceutical Technology Researchers Association), ISPE Turkey, ILARUD (Drug Researchers and Applicators Association), and she is also a member of various national and international associations. She is Vice-Chair of ISPE Turkey Affiliate since June 2015.

Fahrettin Kazak

Fahrettin Kazak is a lawyer by training. A managing partner at PharmaVision, he is the Director for Human Resources and Industrial Relations. A graduate of the University of Istanbul, his initial job experience includes 1 year of private practice followed by a position as case lawyer for the next 4 years at KIPLAS, Chemistry, Petroleum, Tire and Plastic Industry Employers Union of Turkey. Having joined predecessor company of PharmaVision (formerly Türk-Hoechst) in 1988, his current responsibilities include the management of various personnel affairs, such as labor union relations, contract bargaining, salary and reward packages, performance evaluations, manpower planning, training scheduling, recruitment/hiring/job termination as well as all legal contacts and government permits as they pertain to a ca. 400 man factory environment.

İlknur Gümüşeli Hırçın

İlknur Gümüşeli Hırçın has graduated from Istanbul University as pharmacist in 1985 and completed master degree in business administration at School of Business Administration of Istanbul University in 1994-1995. She worked as Production Supervisor at Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceutical Company for 1986-1990. Joining Parenteral Division of Bayer Türk Company as Production Supervisor in 1990, she has been Production Manager of all solid, liquid and ointment manufacturing during 1997-2001. She worked as Quality Assurance Manager and Responsible Pharmacist from 2001 up to 2007. Following BIFA’s merger into Bayer, during 2007 – 2018, she was appointed as Responsible Pharmacist and Head of Quality Unit for all Bayer products. Since 2019, she is Bayer’s Country Cluster Quality Head for Turkey and Iran.

Havva Çınar Aşar

Havva Çınar Aşar is Quality Assurance Manager-BIFA and the Deputy of Responsible Pharmacist for Bayer Türk Kimya San. Ltd. Şti. After graduation from Pharmacy Faculty of Istanbul University in 1997, she worked as pharmacist for awhile at SSK Büyükçekmece Dispensary in 1998, before she started to work as Production Specialist of Liquid Production&Packaging at Bayer İlaç Fabrikaları A.Ş. the same year. She was appointed as Production Supervisor in 2000 and held this position until 2006. In 2006, she was promoted as the Deputy of Responsible Pharmacist and Production Manager responsible of Liquid Production & Packaging, Water Systems, Personnel and Warehouse Airlocks. In 2009, the area of her responsibility as Manufacturing Manager switched to all production area including solid production. On September 2010, she was assigned to her current position in Quality Department.

Devrim Çavuşoğlu

Devrim Çavuşoğlu is the Manufacturing Site Leader of Pfizer, Turkey. He has his bachelor’s degree from Istanbul Technical University, Mechanical Engineering and his graduate degree from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Engineering Management. He has joined Pfizer as Production Planning Specialist and then appointed as IT Coordinator during which he was responsible for Six Sigma Right First Time initiative at Pfizer, Turkey. He also leaded the Pharmaceutical Trace System Project. After his appointment as Planning and IT Manager, he worked at Pfizer New York office as Emerging Markets Operations Coordinator from April 2011 to May 2012. He came back to Pfizer, Turkey as Business Development Project Manager and in May 2014, he was appointed as Manufacturing Site Leader of Pfizer, Turkey. He is a member of the Board of ISPE Turkish Affiliate since 8 June 2015.

Tanju Cepheli

Tanju Cepheli is working at BASF Türk Kimya as Sales & Industry Manager for Health & Nutrition Department, being responsible for the region of Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. She studied economy in Germany and visited the Fachhochschule for Betriebwirtschaft in Worms. Working at BASF for 23 years, she has been assigned as manager and leader for various sales departments covering cosmetics, food and pharma and has also served global positions within the BASF Europe organisation. Being recognized as best supplier from Eczacıbaşı İlaç and Bayer AG, she also played an important role in the integration of Cognis company’s pharma and food departments. She joined the Board of ISPE Turkish Affiliate in 2014, she is also a member of the Controlled Release Society’s Turkey Local Chapter and TÜFTAD (Turkish Pharmaceutical Technology Scientists’ Association).

Prof. Dr. Yıldız Özsoy Erginer

Prof. Özsoy, having been graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy – Istanbul University in 1982, completed her MSc. and PhD. in the same university and became a professor in 2005. Her scientific activities in diverse fields of the technology include nasal drug delivery systems, extended release tablet formulations, controlled release systems of drugs, nano drug carrier systems, transdermal systems, veterinary drugs, pharmaceutical biotechnology, stability, and stents featuring drug release. Prof. Özsoy has been lecturing for many years on “Pharmaceutical Patents” and “Interpretation of Pharmaceutical Patents in R&D Activities”. She has also been active in between 2007 and 2015 at the Ministry of Health – Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices Agency as an expert of the commissions concerning Pharmaceutical Technology and Bioavailability-Bioequivalence. Currently, Prof. Özsoy also actively serves as a court appointed expert before the Specialized Courts of IP. Prof. Özsoy is a member of many associations relevant to her expertise. She is a founding member and Board Chair since 2007 of the Association of Controlled Release Systems. She was elected as reserved member to the Board of ISPE Turkey Affiliate, on 4 May 2016.

Banu Refik

Banu Refik is a graduate from departments of Chemical Engineering and Bio-sciences at North Carolina State University, USA. She worked at British Oxygen Company in USA on "Computational Fluid Dynamics" and later on worked on the process design and project management of newly established pharmaceutical raw materials manufacturing plant of Foster Wheeler in Italy. After returning to Turkey, she completed Executive Master of Business Administration at Boğaziçi University. She worked as Chief of Validation at Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals and then at Sandoz as Validation Manager. She is currently working in Convalgroup as Project Quality Manager and Validation Consultant. She was elected as reserved member to the Board of ISPE Turkish Affiliate, on 4 May 2016.

Emrah Ergörül

Emrah Ergörül is a graduate from the prestigious İstanbul (Erkek) High School and holds two Bachelor of Science degrees - Chemical Engineering from Yıldız Technical University in İstanbul, Turkey and Computational Chemistry from Westphalian University of Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Since 2005, he has been working at PharmaVision, a renowned CMO in Istanbul, where he developed top-notch understanding of GMPs. Emrah has broad scientific and strategic expertise in several functions including Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Finance and Commercial. He has years of experience serving as a Manager and supervising Manufacturing and Quality Assurance at PharmaVision. Emrah Ergörül is currently General Manager Assistant at PharmaVision and he joined ISPE Turkey Affiliate’s Board in 2018. In 2019, he joined ISPE’s Steering Committee for the Community of Practice on “PAT & Lifecycle Control Strategy”.

Şerifenur Taşkıran

Şerifenur Taşkıran is working as Head Regulatory and Medical Affairs at Johnson&Johnson Consumer Turkey. She has graduated from Faculty of Pharmacy of Istanbul University in 2000 and later started Biotechnology masters program at Faculty of Pharmacy of Marmara University. She had extensive experience including Regulatory Affairs, Responsible Pharmacist role and Quality Assurance at Schering and Bayer in Turkey. Since 2007 when she joined Johnson&Johnson Turkey she took interim responsibilities for Quality Assurance, Consumer Affairs, Health Care Compliance and Medico-Marketing. She is currently working as Head of Regulatory & Medical Affairs with Market Access responsibility for Medicinal Products and is assigned as Technical Manager for the products classified as Medical Devices and Cosmetics. She is an active member at several industry associations and as well holds Board Member role. She is highly engaged in the area of diversity and inclusion in corporate environment. She was elected as reserved member to the Board of ISPE Turkey Affiliate in 2018.

Gizem Yeğen

Gizem Yeğen, Office Manager of ISPE Turkey Affiliate, got her Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Chemical Engineering at Istanbul University and received Master of Science degree on Pharmaceutical Engineering from the Institute of Health Sciences at Istanbul University, Turkey. Currently, she continues her education both in Chemical Technologies PhD Program at Istanbul University and Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD Program at Istanbul Altınbaş University where she also works as a Research Assistant.







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