About the Turkey Affiliate

Although only a relatively short period has passed since its inauguration in December 2005, ISPE Turkey has made a remarkable progress in several areas.

Our membership has already reached ca. 170, surpassing all expectations. This is largely on account of the high quality and good organization of the educational seminars of ISPE Turkey, very well received by the local pharmaceutical community.
Another highlight has been the Affiliate's significant input into starting the country's first "Pharmaceutical Engineering" course at the Pharmacy faculty of the Istanbul University. A Student Chapter has also been established here in recognition of the importance of preparing and early training of the next generation of industry leaders.

Another important achievement has been the establishment within the Affiliate of the PAT working group, which meets on a quarterly basis working on a number of projects delegated to member companies to make presentations. The group, on account of its clear goals and promising preliminary results, has been invited to be represented on the ISPE PAT Steering Committee.