İlknur Gümüşeli Hırçın

İlknur Gümüşeli Hırçın has graduated from Istanbul University as pharmacist in 1985 and completed master degree in business administration at School of Business Administration of Istanbul University in 1994-1995. She worked as Production Supervisor at Mustafa Nevzat Pharmaceutical Company for 1986-1990. Joining Parenteral Division of Bayer Türk Company as Production Supervisor in 1990, she has been Production Manager of all solid, liquid and ointment manufacturing during 1997-2001. She worked as Quality Assurance Manager and Responsible Pharmacist from 2001 up to 2007. Following BIFA’s merger into Bayer, during 2007 – 2018, she was appointed as Responsible Pharmacist and Head of Quality Unit for all Bayer products. Since 2019, she is Bayer’s Country Cluster Quality Head for Turkey and Iran.