Tanju Cepheli

Tanju Cepheli works as the Sales Director of the Pharmaceutical Solutions Department at BASF Türk Kimya, responsible for the Turkey, Middle East, Russia and Africa regions. Mrs. Cepheli had completed the Fachhochschule für Betriebswirtschaft – International Trade and Economics education in Germany, and has held managerial positions, including global positions, in the sales departments of cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals departments of BASF for 30 years. Being recognized as best supplier from Eczacıbaşı İlaç and Bayer AG, she also played an important role in the integration of Cognis company’s pharma and food departments. She joined the Board of ISPE Turkish Affiliate in 2014, She is also a member of GTBD (Food Supplementation and Nutrition Association) Board of Directors, different professional organizations such as TUSIAD Health Desk and YASED Health Group. In addition, Cepheli, who believes in personal development, is a Professional Erickson and Team Coach, and gives Sales and Leadership Courses at the Faculties of Pharmacy and Istanbul Business School. At the International EWMD Women in Management Association; She takes an active role in executive women's associations such as PWN and Benjamin Button.